Lars Hörnig is one of the founding members of the German progressive Metal Band IVANHOE with whom he was with for 12 years. He is currently the Drummer in ROCK4;  PLANET  FLOYD "The German Pink FLoyd Tribute Show" and  works for many Studiojobs.


Lars has also recorded &/or toured/performed live with Ivanhoe, Audionaut, Vagrand, d-Fine, Eigensinn, Cupid, Ivorie.


Lars was born on April 30th 1973 in Esslingen, Germany. He grew up learning to play the Drums primarily self-taught by listening to his early biggest influences: Cozzy Powell, Ian Mosley and Mike Portnoy. As he developed a taste for more challenging progressive music, his biggest influences were Neil Peart; Billy Cobham and Todd Suchermann.


Lars played concerts together with Enchant, Iced Earth, Ivanhoe, Planet Floyd, Jule Neigel, Asgard, Nevermore, Black Jester, House of Sprits, Vanden Plas, Roland Bless, Edguy and many many more....


The story so far!



1992 PLAY EXPRESS "Play Express"
1993 IVANHOE "Rebellion"
1994 IVANHOE "Visions and Reality"
1995 IVANHOE "Symbols of time"
1997 IVANHOE "Polarized"
1999 The H.M. Compilation "United Forces"
2002 CHARISMA "Deeper Ground" / Karma
2004 IVORIE "Circle of Sound"
2005 IVANHOE "Walk in Mindfields"
2006 IVORIE "Enigma of Mind"
2009 CUPID "Wings of Love"
2011 d-FINE "2.3"
2013 d-FINE "Flugfeld"
2015 AUDIONAUT "The Live Session"
2016 tba. "Slaughter of Humanity"

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The German Pink Floyd Tribute Show